Design week 2019


What is NEFF? Not sure?! NEFF is a cooking passion!

For the duration of Design week 2019 come and join us at the furniture showroom KITAIP. You will be able to see KITAIP kitchen with exceptional design and functionality, also get to know NEFF kitchen appliances, watch the food making process using NEFF kitchen equipment and taste freshly prepared dishes. Because the most delicious food is cooked using high quality kitchen equipment and appliances. Lets bring more creativity to your home together!

From Wednesday to Saturday (May 8-11, 2019) meeting place at Kapsu st. 19-18, Vilnius.

10-10:15 AM - Neff egg

12-13 PM - Neff soup

15-16 PM - Neff steak

18-19 PM - Neff dessert




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