Furniture exhibition 2011

At this year exhibition "Furniture 2011" we presented two kitchen furniture sets: "KiTAIP" and "Blum Symphony", bathroom cabinet "Masterpiece" and a console table "Golden". Design Committee noted the chair "PIRST" with diploma for originality.

It is
becoming a tradition for KiTAIP along with "Blulita" to cooperate and get ready for furniture exhibition. Kitchen set "Blum Symphony" by KiTAIP designers Dalius Razauskas and Ieva Godelaitienė won the second place award at the Design Competition.


An incredibly practical and charming mirror cabinet.

Fits your entire toiletry, whereas the interior power outlets allow you to keep a hair dryer, an electric toothbrush or a shaver constantly plugged in.

The fully lit version is ideal for makeup.

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